Wednesday, October 26, 2011

19 Months Old

Im 19 months old today
Weight @ 11.9kg
(slightly increased 0.1kg from last month)

As usual, im the lil' Missy at home
apart from being sensitive
and overly manja
Mummy now notice i like to
grab a hanky whenever i go
i hold it when i sleep
when im awake im still holding on it

Still cant talk yet
am so comfortable in my babbling mode
thus makes Mummy so anxious
to hear my 1st word
whether its going to be
Mummy first
or Daddy first..

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is Daddy's birthday
Mummy bought a pandan layer cake
for Daddy

I still cant sing birthday song for daddy
and cant blow the candles on behalf
But i can , and always be
your little cutie pie
that brings laughter & tears
to you everyday

Happy Birthday , Daddy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Its Holiday Again

Last year we came here for Xmas celebration
This year we're here again for Por por birthday
We checked in yesterday and stay for a nite

When we reach there, it was too early for check in
so Mummy let us have a dip at the public pool

I was thrilled , and i make a big step
everytime i walk in the pool

After 2 hrs waiting, our room was ready
Mummy booked another type of room
that's the Garden Pool Villa
Mummy requested for an upper floor room

The room was very nice indeed
with 2 king size beds
and a wooden floor
plus a tatami design

and the best part was
this unit have an outdoor swimming pool

Mummy purposely ask for this room
mainly because of the swimming pool
She feels more secured the swimming pool
is outside from our room

I was having a great time
climbing up and down the steps
while Mummy having a hard time
looks after me
she scared i might trip and fall

After the dip in the public pool
Mummy didnt let me or gor gor
to swim in our room private pool
( gor gor got a 20 mins water play time though)
She locked us from the inside
and we can only admiring
the others swim
Mummy cant swim either ( monthly duty...)

so kesian eh? only can see through the glass door

since we got nothing to do
Mummy let us have some junky
once a while should be ok

gor gor always being the smartest
he knows this hotel got provide dvd player
so he already put in a few of his fav dvd's in our bag
the Ultraman dvd entertain us for the whole day

we & Mummy, Daddy didnt join us for this trip
he got another mission to attend

Later in the afternoon
Mummy bring us to the kids playground

My 1st experience playing a see saw
i dont like it at all

I still preferred this
my all time fav, slide

For dinner , we went to Lukut
this seafood restaurant was nearby
to the Giant Hypermarket , Lukut

of all the dishes above
i only eat fish and rice
everybody commented the dishes
was delicious

today, before check out
all the other got chance
to swim again
but not me and gor gor :-(

Nevertheless, i still enjoy myself to the fullest

see how tiring am i,
i sleep all the way back

p/s- eventhough it was por por birthday, but Mummy didnt have a chance to snap photo of por por with all of us, too busy attending to me and gor gor

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tip Toeing

Lately Mummy notice
i like to tip toeing
just like this

i can tip toeing while i walk
just like a ballerina

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Something for everyone

Yesterday, we have a special guest
came to look for Mummy
somemore look till in front of our doorstep
she's not other than Chloe's Mummy

Aunty Hwei Li was so nice
came all the way, eventhough stuck
in a heavy traffic jam
just to pass this to us
something for everyone

a fridge magnet ( which Mummy with thick face ask Aunty
HL to buy for her during her recent trip) and
a cutie koala bear

a pack of chocs for gor gor ( but end up Mummy wallop all)
coz gor gor was coughing, and that cute elmo sandwich bag
which Mummy ng ser tak to use

and this for me, Mummy with muka tak malu kirim
with aunty Hwei Li to buy at BBW sales

Thanks so much for the books , Aunty HL

Mummy feels so paiseh received so many things
so she ask Aunty HL to meet her up again
at Jusco S2 on nite time

Mummy gave some homemade cheese cake
which she baked in the afternoon
for aunty HL
Luckily aunty HL said the cake was yummy
if not, Mummy feels even more paiseh
Mummy scared her kungfu in baking cake
not up to Aunty HL standard

Me, in my own world
Mummy thought of taking a pic of us with Chloe Jie Jie
but just cant get hold of me and Gor gor

so she shrugged off the idea
and i can enjoy having my own sweet time again

this is my fav section
toys department
i can play, and play and play

and once again
Mummy said wanna
thanks Aunty HL
for all the gift

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Molar, Molar, Wo Ai Ni ( I Love U)

Ya, 'wo ai ni' , my little molar
My 1st molar was spotted by Mummy
accidentally, when she was playing
with me , the biting game

the teeth already erupted halfway
no wonder nowadays
i can chew a piece of meat or vege
for a very very long time

im just practising on my new teeth now
by biting people finger whenever
i can get reach of them