Saturday, October 27, 2012

Look, Who's Talking & Singing?

From 'talking' to 'singing'
thats what Mummy said

video was taken on 24/8/2012

I know imitating ( repeat after) single word
i still cant called Mummy or Daddy
without being 'guided'
thats one good achievement though
pls pay attention when im calling myself
with a high pitch sound somemore

and now i start singing humming 
to my favourite idol song
do u know who's that was?
Mummy dont like that singer actually
Only Daddy was the big great FANATIC

(i was buckled up nicely in my car seat,
but no longer after Kor kor went to the back seat
i also want to join , end up Mummy let me 
finish humming the song and
back to my car seat straight away)
No worries, Mummy wont let me do something
that can endangered us

Friday, October 26, 2012

Again to Columbia....

Backdated post 3/8/2012

3/8 -7/8
My 2nd visit in a month time
And this round i have to stay more longer
than my 1st visit

Mummy bundled me to the hospital
in the middle of the night
coz we need a single bedded room 
and our paed have make a reservation for us
( see, we do get priority coz am regular here)

as usual , when the paed wants to do the procedure for me
i put up a fight 
when its finally done and antiobiotic been injected 
immediately my whole body become like this

red patches appeared everywhere
and i was scratching non stop
i was allergic to this antibiotic
seeing this, the nurse quickly stopped the drip
but now its become a question
why im allergic to this when im not during the 1st time?

So back to my itinerary(LOL, sounds like a vacation trip huh?)
beside DRIPPING, my most favourite activity is

Lunch & Dinner

enjoying my food so much!
and their fried meehoon is the best...

and having ENTERTAINMENT time

watching my fav cartoon on Disney Channel

and playing Ipad games... 

I even got SHOPPING trip somemore
to the nearby Jusco Seremban 2

chilling out at Pizza Hut

Not forgetting  DESSERT time

munching on grapes

and McD sundae

and on the 5th day, it was
(finally the drip was off and i was allowed to 'check out')

Such a relief
all's well , end's well