Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parents-Teachers Day

without realising
it almost came to the end
of my school semester 

i pull it through
for the past 6 mths 
and im still surviving and adapting .
Mummy was so proud of me

Yesterday it was the day 
to receive my 'report of achievement'

and me, being the Mr Moody
dont want to step in my school compound
was trying to run away
until i saw my Saviour
my Mama Angkat aka Teacher S, my class teacher

i hold to her tightly 
dont wanna look at Mummy 
for the whole session
i just clinging to Mama 
Mummy also shakes head

as expected, attendance still can be improved
Just like gor gor, but he's due to travelling
while im more to sickness

my personal development 
most under rating P (progressing) and W (weak)
but still improving
just need more time

and to Mummy surprise, 
im doing very well in phoenics and number recognition
big clap clap for myself

my class photo
Mummy said i was way too cute in here :-)

Mummy's note :

Mummy was so proud with you, baby...eventhough you are slow comparing to ur peers, but Mummy can see u put a lot of effort to u have a very caring Mama angkat to look after you at school....and according to her, you are doing very well..keep it up, little guy...Mummy will always support you..

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bye bye Macau

backdated post 7/7/13

its our last day here 
so we went back to Senado Square, again

hvg breakfast at one of the famous cafe, Golden Horse

then we walk around this water fountain, again

its not so packed during day time, 
maybe the weather too humid

went back to hotel to check out
and we hop onto the hotel shuttle 
and heading to Macau Fisherman's Wharf

weather was nice

and it was great for a family pic ^-^

we spent almost 2 hours here before deciding
to have our lunch here too

while waiting for our food to be served

waiting for taxi to take us back to hotel
and from there we took the shuttle to airport

Mummy notes : 

It was really a tiring trip with Iyson tagging along, but i've never regretted it... he enjoys himself very much at times when he's not throwing tantrum and having his meltdowns. I dont think he can remember the whole trip experience or worst he didnt even know this was a holiday trip. But from this trip, i let him know he no need to follow his schedule at home. He hates changes and whatever things he do is a repeating process (routine). By having him in this trip, i believe i have break his trend.. but once a while , he will still insist we follow his order...its a breakthrough that we managed to come back in one piece

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bye bye HK, Hello Macau

back dated post 6/7/13

Thought to check out early today
so we can have more time to explore HK
but bummer, its was raining 
so we just sit back and enjoy our breakfast
till 10 am

Once the rain stop
we quickly walk to the nearest MRT
and here we come


It starts drizzling again when we reach here
so we look for shelters along the shops which havent open yet
we waited and waited 
finally we braved the rain and 
run to the nearest restaurant 
to have our brunch

Mummy was too hungry, so she snaps the menu

It was 1pm already after we finish our brunch
and the rain finally stop
we quickly make our move to Ladies Street
and Mummy make some shopping
mainly fridge magnets and ipad covers...hahaha

We left around 3pm 
to catch the ferry back to Macau
bye bye Hong Kong
im sure i will missed u 

Fast forward
reach Macau,  check in, drop luggage
and out we went again

at Senado Square

i feel 'lost' coz the place was very crowded

and i was smart enough
i want to be carry all the time

at The Ruins of St Paul
it was less crowded during night time

my incredible hulk daddy..hehe

my cili padi Mummy, and super XXL gor gor

can spot us??

we left here around 11pm
reach hotel , already super tired
took hot shower 

and terus sleep like nobody business...hahaha

need to fully recharge my battery
for the last day tomorrow

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My First Ever

backdated post 5/7/13

Yeah, we woke up very early today
Mummy getting ready to check out

we're going to hong kong today
my very first maiden trip

maybe because im not feeling well
so my mood can be expected
change like a weather
see, im pastering Mummy for no reason
while we waiting at the Macau Ferry Terminal

my very first ferry ride 
see, im still struggling here
dont know what bothering me

lastly, Mummy just let me run around with Gor gor
then only can see my happy face

when we reach HK ferry terminal
my mood swing came again
i dont want to move from my stroller
i dont want to be push around
i want it just like this, static
end up, Mummy bundled me into a Japanese restaurant
to have our late lunch while im wailing inside

after lunch, we hurriedly went to the nearest MRT station
and i have my 1st ever MRT ride
it was fun standing while the train is moving

 finally we managed to find our hotel (service apartment)
and thats the time i knocked off
im having fever again

while im having my beauty sleep
everybody went out to hunt for food/shopping
except Mummy & gor gor
Gor gor was busy catching up with his cartoon shows
and Mummy keep monitoring my temperature

Daddy smart enough to tapao this back for mummy
wantan mee , wantan bursting with 'liu'

after i woke up
Mummy brings us down to the happy hour area
and we have some drinks and snacks

for dinner, Daddy's friend came to fetch us
we're having dim sum for dinner
but me the usual, dont want to eat anything
start to 'lao gai' again
and fever came again

to end our day, we went to the 
Victoria Harbour station

it was windy and im so fascinated
looking at the lighting
it was so colourful 

superb night view

our family photo to end the day
and need to go back to have my medicine again
hope i will feel better for tomorrow journey

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My 2nd Overseas Trip

backdated post 4/7/13

Finally i can fly again
after due consideration from Mummy
2 days before we supposed to fly
i was having high fever due to my tonsillitis
so Dr prescribed a 5 days antibiotic 
Meaning that if i tag along
My medicines also have to follow me

but im all smiling face when Mummy finally
decided not to left me behind again

see , our portable fridge
to put all my medicine

Mummy thought i will be having a fuss
when im onboard just like last trip
but thanks god, i behave
i fall asleep before our plane took off
and i sleep for the entire 4 hrs journey

can see the red patch there?
Mummy was so angry with this fella
while we was dining at LCCT cafe
this fella with his oversized bag 
bang on me, and makes me fall
and knock at the chair edge
my gums was bleeding and this fella
just walked away without saying sorry
Mummy said such people will have karma 
so we'll just wait

forget bout that incident
after 4 hrs journey, we finally landed here

oh yes, my 1st trip to Macau

i was so excited 

we check in at Hotel Royal Macau
room was spacious and clean

after dinner , we went out jalan-jalan

i was fascinated by all the lighting around
after an hour lepaking here
we went back to hotel 
for a good night rest

just like a king eh?
enjoying potato chips while watching tv
and need to sleep early tonight
tomorrow we will be checking out early...