Saturday, May 26, 2012

Once Again, Thank You So Much

still remember Mummy blog about this 
somewhere in March?

today is the sequel of this
Mummy did know they will be coming 
with some gifts for me
but what she didnt expected 
was THIS

Mummy was so overwhelmed when she saw this
We thought we didnt won
But we DID!!!

Thanks to the 2 beautiful Jie jie , Rachel & Wendy
(so paiseh lah, Mummy was so excited till forgot to snap their pics)
for bringing all this to our home today
Mummy didnt expect will received all this
coz in their email, they was saying SOME GIFTS

Mummy said all the toy can last till my 7th birthday...LOL

at first, i was crying badly and throwing tantrums 
coz there were strangers in our house
but after a warming up session
i was having fun time especially with Rachel jie jie
playing hide & see and peek-a-boo

Mummy have a round of chit chat session with them
understanding my situation now
and i do give a very positive respond now 
i can said NO, NO MORE
and a few words in Mandarin

when they tried to carry me
i even shakes my head meaning NO

after they left
i was having so much fun
arranging all the gift


i was kept busy at least for an hour 
arranging all the gift...hahahaha

Once again, thanks Drypers
for bringing the joy and happiness for me
and most importantly , for Mummy
for making her Dream Comes True!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

On My Own

Leave me alone
i dont need your help
i want to do it on my own

if only i can talk
i will tell Mummy this
instead i will just push her hands away
whenever she wants to help

i want to feed myself

eventhough im not good with my motor skill

i still cant control my hand movement

but i want to try and feed myself

its hard though, but i will try and succeed

p/s : Mummy was so happy seeing this, but Mummy also pity you, most of the time the food will drop on the table or floor, and you will need to do it again, but its a phase every kid will go through, just that you a bit late comparing to them..but Mummy still proud of you, keep it up , boy...

Climbing up/down the staircase

dont hold me , Mummy
i can do it myself
i will hold onto the railing and
walk up step by step


dont hold my hand
dont guide me
i can draw, and draw, and draw
all by myself

a bit here

a bit there

and out of the board

and im doing great, Mummy

p/s : thats my stubborn little baby, everything also want to do it on his own...