Sunday, May 29, 2011

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Big Brother

Im longing for every weekend
thats the time i will be back at home
with my Mummy, Daddy and
most importantly
my Big Gor gor

eventhough we fight for toys
fight for attention
but that didnt stop us
from playing together

I love my gor gor ferry me around
with this pinky tricycle

Gor gor, you are very
special in my heart

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Big 'Helper'

When Mummy was busy in the kitchen
and Daddy was given the task to look after me
this is where i will be dumped into

My playpen
and i just hate it when im inside
i cant roam freely

So to make myself happy
I will do this

Yeah, i will throw all the things
that was keep in the storage compartment
diapers, wet tissues, cotton bud
i will empty the slot
And Daddy will have a 'great' time
cleaning up the mess

And today
i makes Mummy proud of me
i can take off my own pants and diaper
this was what Mummy see after
she comes to check on me

Mummy thought of picking up the wet diaper
then only she realised
im not only take off my pants and diaper
i even pee on the bed
Mummy shakes head and said
' naughty, naughty baby'

Thursday, May 26, 2011

14 Months Old

Im 14 months old today
Weight : 10.7 kg
Height : Didnt measured

I can walk very steady now
but once Mummy put on the shoes for me
I will just stand still

I have wean off pacifier
few weeks ago
it was really easy coz im not
a pacifier baby
once a while i will need that
so when im not been given for few days
i didnt look for it anymore

Mummy next mission will be
potty trained me
so far, it didnt work
whenever i wanna poo poo
Mummy will put me on the baby toilet seat
but everytime FAILED
i will be struggling and dont wanna sit on it

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Under Cover

Im not under cover
but just that i love playing
with this cover
to be specific
Fatty Crabs container cover

everywhere i go
i must bring along this cover
no matter when
i drink, eat
bath and even sleep
with my tiny hand holding on to this cover

and im so protective over my cover
i dont even let it out from my sight
whenever Mummy tried to take it away
i will wailed loudly
Mummy also cant understand
what so special about this cover
except the big fatty crab logo pasted on it

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Monkey

This is the baby monkey
that Mummy brings back for me
on her recent trip to Guilin
I love to hang it around my neck

And giving baby monkey
a massage is a must
Let me show how to massage

first, u must twist its arm
then stretch here and there

finally, just put its arms and legs together
and tied it up

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Sequel for Hair Cutting

Oh, why not picture of me having my haircut?
And can see something pinning on my hair?
Lets take a closer look

It was a hair clip
Must be wondering why hair cut suddenly
become hair clip
The story was like this
Mummy brings me to my usual saloon
and i was so scared
before the hair cutting begin
when the scissor reach my hair
i cried frantically
till my whole body was shaking
End up i was hurried bundled
into the car and home we went

Mummy begin slapping forehead
and said no more haircut for me
till next year
so in the coming months
maybe can see me tying up my hair

Friday, May 13, 2011

More Popping Out

Yup, more and more is coming
doesnt it sounds great??
My lower lateral incisor
had popped out
Mummy didnt realised it
till she put her finger on my gums to feel
And Mummy can see my upper gum
a bit swollen
ah, she just knew it
my bunny teeth will be the next

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Can Walk

I dare to take my 1st step
and more steps nowadays
Mummy was the most happiest
seeing me walk like a penguin

and my gor-gor
trying to give me a helping hand from behind
but too hard, thus makes me fall down
but i still can smile

Haircut for Me

My hair is getting longer
each day
Mummy thought of bringing me to the saloon
for a new haircut
just like the previous time

Ya, Mummy
im so eager to go and have my haircut..

Monday, May 2, 2011

Milky Me

Lying down on my cow cow bolster
Enjoying my bottle of milk
really like a place of heaven
till i can doze off before
i finish my milk