Friday, September 14, 2012

Move It, Move It, Its Movie Time!

Back dated post 19/8/12

Hey, Mummy
Why i cant open the gate?

Oh, need to pose for the camera 
then only the gate will opened izzit?

My pose ok ?

U bluff me , Mummy..
the gate still not opened yet...sobs sobs

Never mind, i tried using my hand to push
see whether it opened or not?

Hahaha, silly me, of course it wont opened
Its an auto gate
I need the remote , please...hehehe

Fast forward..........

We reached the cinema already
Its my 1st time being in the cinema
and I insisted on having a single seating
I dont wanna be carried

and we watching this

Its was hilarious
I cant control myself and shouts in the cinema
while Gor gor laughs so loud 
till Mummy so paiseh

Luckily i well behaved 
coz Mummy stuffs me with popcorn and snacks