Monday, January 17, 2011

Licence To Fly

Ya, i've got my licence to fly internationally

So for the beginning
Mummy will let me start
with our neighbouring country
for a 3D2N trip (14/1-16/1)

A short flight of 55 minutes
and we reach Singapore

Why we're here??

Because of this, Universal Studio, Singapore

Arr, I cant wait for all the fun

Lepak-ing in the resort
We stayed at The Festive Hotel

Inside the USS

I will keep on recharge my battery
whenever its getting too low

I can take nap anywhere & everywhere

The beautiful castle

And this were all the mascot
we managed to snap photo with

During our last day
we manage to get out from the resort
and went to VIVO
before we said goodbye to Singapore

Oh, i just cant get enough
I will come back again for sure
so wait for me, ok

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