Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parents-Teachers Day

without realising
it almost came to the end
of my school semester 

i pull it through
for the past 6 mths 
and im still surviving and adapting .
Mummy was so proud of me

Yesterday it was the day 
to receive my 'report of achievement'

and me, being the Mr Moody
dont want to step in my school compound
was trying to run away
until i saw my Saviour
my Mama Angkat aka Teacher S, my class teacher

i hold to her tightly 
dont wanna look at Mummy 
for the whole session
i just clinging to Mama 
Mummy also shakes head

as expected, attendance still can be improved
Just like gor gor, but he's due to travelling
while im more to sickness

my personal development 
most under rating P (progressing) and W (weak)
but still improving
just need more time

and to Mummy surprise, 
im doing very well in phoenics and number recognition
big clap clap for myself

my class photo
Mummy said i was way too cute in here :-)

Mummy's note :

Mummy was so proud with you, baby...eventhough you are slow comparing to ur peers, but Mummy can see u put a lot of effort to u have a very caring Mama angkat to look after you at school....and according to her, you are doing very well..keep it up, little guy...Mummy will always support you..


  1. Well done Iyson. Keep it on and you surely improving a lot.

  2. Your mummy is right, u r way too cute.. haha!~